8/3/2017 UPDATE: There are still some programs missing from the database. We are working with the Regional Centers to get all programs added to the database so that all service providers can create their portal accounts. As of today, each Regional Center has a new tool to add missing programs. If your authentication step fails, please contact your vendoring Regional Center and they can add your program to the portal using this new tool in their Administrative Account. Thanks for your patience!

Registration - Authentication

Welcome! Please enter the following information to authenticate. For help please read the FAQ.

Use ONLY ONE of your current programs for this step, e.g., 1 TIN, 1 Vendor# and 1 Service Code [123456789, H00000, 919].

If you have a second TIN, you will need to complete this authentication process a second time using that TIN and an associated Vendor# and Service Code. Programs are linked in the survey using TIN. Thank you!